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Save money, save time, and get FAST HOME CHARGING for your electric vehicle by safely and automatically sharing your existing dryer socket with your Splitvolt Portable EV charger and Splitvolt Splitter Switch. Simply plug them in and you’re ready to charge–no electrician required!

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FAST EV HOME CHARGING solutions that are SAFE, AFFORDABLE, SIMPLE and which Empower Electric Vehicle Adoption™ are the foundation of our business.

Splitvolt Splitter Switch provides inexpensive, plug-n-play access to 240V power by automatically and safely sharing your existing 30amp dryer socket with your dryer and EV charger. Just plug it in and you're fast home charging in minutes!

Splitvolt Portable EV Chargers have the fastest NEC-safe charging rates for standard circuits, at the lowest price and greatest value on the market today.

For added convenience and flexibility, Splitvolt also offers a family of 100% Copper, 240v Extension Cables and Adapters.

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Splitvolt offers an optional 30-day money-back guarantee for direct website purchases allowing customers to return their product for any reason, if not completely satisfied.

  • Splitvolt Satisfaction Guaranteed Return Policy
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee for Purchases
  • Terms Subject to Change, Question See:

4-Year Extended Warranty (Option)

Splitvolt offers an Optional 4-Year Extended Limited Warranty

  • Upgrades Standard One Year Warranty to Four Years From Purchase Date
  • Must Be Purchased on Same Order as Covered Product 
  • Available for Splitvolt Splitter Switch™ and Portable EV Chargers
  • Splitvolt May Repair, Replace or Refund Purchase Amount to Original Buyer

Splitvolt Industry Product Awards

2022 BIG Innovation Award Winner: Splitvolt Splitter Switch named 2022 BIG Innovation Awards Winner by the Business Intelligence Group.

2021 Best Round-up: Splitvolt selected in “Best Round-Up” at the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2021) by Auto Connected News.

2020 Consumer World Awards: Splitvolt named 2020 Consumer World Award Gold Winner in Consumer Electronics.
Works with your EV!

Compatible with Common U.S. Electric Vehicles

  • Household 240V NEMA Plugs
  • Uses standard SAE J1772 handle connector
  • Supports standard Tesla to SAE J1772 handle adaptor





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Empowering EV Adoption

At Splitvolt, our mission is to deliver products that Empower the Adoption of Electric Vehicles™ by making the experience of owning and charging an electric vehicle simple and affordable for EVERYONE, not just EV enthusiasts.

Toward that end, our goal is to reinforce your decision to purchase an electric vehicle by ensuring that the affordable EV charging products we offer are truly compelling and satisfy our strict criteria for safety, simplicity, intelligence and affordability.

Enabling a greener lifestyle is also important to Splitvolt, not only because it makes life easier and more convenient, but also because of the direct impact EVs have on air quality, the climate and our environment.

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  • 4.5 out of 5.0 Star rating
  • No-hassle return policy
  • FREE shipping
  • Every purchase includes a 1 year warranty
  • Achieved #1 Ranking for New Releases in EV Charging Stations
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InsideEVs Influencer Reviews Splitvolt

EV Industry luminary and InsideEVs editor, Tom Moloughney, conducts non-sponsored reviews of the Splitvolt Splitter Switch for InsideEVs, and posts an extended video review on his Youtube channel 'State of Charge'.


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Product Testimonials

We care a lot about our customers and focus on answering questions and providing top-notch customer support.

We are pleased to receive such a strong, positive response from our directly from our customers, resulting in extensive product reviews and a flattering 4.5 out of 5 Star ratings on Amazon.

Splitvolt is so easy to use!  I plugged it in the wall next to my dryer and connected to my EV charger with a 240V extension cord and that was it!  My car used to charge at 3 miles per hour, and now it charges at 21mph!

Joan Stephens

Seattle, WA

Great product!  Electricians charge a lot here, and my quote was $750 to install a dedicated EV charging circuit.  Rather than deal with that and the permit process, I saved $400 and just plugged-in a Splitvolt Splitter Switch to get fast L2 charging in my garage.

Mike Blaustein

San Mateo, CA

Our house is 30 years old, and because we use air conditioning, there isn’t extra current available to safely add another circuit. Instead, I got fast-charging by using Splitvolt to automatically switch full power between my dryer and EV charger!

Robert DeMarco

Tampa, FL

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