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With the longer ranges of EV batteries today charging from, a 120-volt socket is just too slow! But having an electrician come out and add a dedicated 240-volt socket takes extra time and money. 


The Splitvolt Splitter Switch is the perfect EV charging accessory that allows you to intelligently and seamlessly share your dryer socket with your EV charger! 

Just simply plug in your Splitvolt Splitter Switch to the existing 240V dryer socket near your parked EV and you’ve got fast home charging! With our innovative Splitter Switch, you can effortlessly share the power with your dryer and EV. It automatically switches full power between either the dryer or the EV charger.

Save money, save time, and get FAST HOME CHARGING for your EV by seamlessly sharing your existing dryer socket with your charger. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to charge–no electrician required!

Splitvolt has been named a 2020 Consumer World Award Gold Winner in Consumer Electronics. Consumer World Awards is a premier awards program that recognizes Consumer products, companies, and people from all over the world.

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Sets up in minutes! Simply plug the dryer and EV charger into the Splitter Switch, plug the Splitter Switch into wall power and turn it on. You are FAST charging your EV!

Intelligently share your existing dryer socket with your EV charger!

Optional wall-mounting is quick and simple

    • Supports common 220-240V 30A dryer sockets
    • Flexible with four socket configurations
    • Just match the image with your dryer plug and charger
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There are 4 models of the Splitvolt Splitter Switch:

SPS 01-011: NEMA 10-30 plug; 2 NEMA 10-30 outlets

SPS 01-031: NEMA 10-30 plug; 1 NEMA 10-30 outlet; 1 NEMA 14-50 outlet

SPS 02-022: NEMA 14-30 plug; 2 NEMA 14-30 outlets

SPS 02-032: NEMA 14-30 plug; 1 NEMA 14-30 outlet; 1 NEMA 14-50 outlet

Enabling a greener lifestyle is also important to Splitvolt, not only because it makes life easier and more convenient, but also because of the direct impact EVs have on the climate and environment.

The more mainstream car buyers who use EVs, the bigger the positive impact to air quality, greenhouse gasses, and overall economic efficiency we have on the planet.

Electric vehicles reduce direct emissions by 100%, making their overall life cycle emissions reduced by 70-90% depending on region, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.


As a new company with a big mission, we need all the help we can get. Letting people know that it is no longer expensive nor complicated to get fast home charging is a big task. 

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