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SPLITVOLT SPS 01-011 is an EV Splitter Switch that intelligently powers your EV charger and dryer using your existing dryer socket. SPLITVOLT SPS 01-011 plugs into a standard household NEMA 10-30 wall socket, and provides two NEMA 10-30 sockets for use with your dryer and EV charger. It monitors, displays and switches full power on-demand between attached devices. Splitvolt SPS is compatible with common EVs and third-party chargers sold in North America.

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With the longer ranges of EV batteries today charging from, a 120-volt socket is just too slow! But having an electrician come out and add a dedicated 240-volt socket takes extra time and money.




The Splitvolt Splitter Switch is the perfect EV charging accessory that allows you to intelligently and seamlessly share your dryer socket with your EV charger!

Just simply plug in your Splitvolt Splitter Switch to the existing 240V dryer socket near your parked EV and you’ve got fast home charging! With our innovative Splitter Switch, you can effortlessly share the power with your dryer and EV. It automatically switches full power between either the dryer or the EV charger.





Save money, save time, and get FAST HOME CHARGING for your EV by seamlessly sharing your existing dryer socket with your charger. Simply plug it in and you’re ready to charge–no electrician required!




Splitvolt has been named a 2020 Consumer World Award Gold Winner in Consumer Electronics. Consumer World Awards is a premier awards program that recognizes Consumer products, companies, and people from all over the world.

Sets up in minutes! Simply plug the dryer and EV charger into the Splitter Switch, plug the Splitter Switch into wall power and turn it on. You are FAST charging your EV!



Intelligently share your existing dryer socket with your EV charger!



Optional wall-mounting is quick and simple




  • Supports common 220-240V 30A dryer sockets
  • Flexible with four socket configurations
  • Just match the image with your dryer plug and charger

There are 4 models of the Splitvolt Splitter Switch:

SPS 01-011: NEMA 10-30 plug; 2 NEMA 10-30 outlets
SPS 01-031: NEMA 10-30 plug; 1 NEMA 10-30 outlet; 1 NEMA 14-50 outlet  


SPS 02-022: NEMA 14-30 plug; 2 NEMA 14-30 outlets  


SPS C2-032: NEMA 14-30 plug; 1 NEMA 14-30 outlet; 1 NEMA 14-50 outlet  


Wall Plug Pigtail Connector NEMA 10-30 Male
Dryer Socket Connection (A) NEMA 10-30 Female
EV Socket Connection (B) NEMA 10-30 Female
Maximum Load 240V ~60Hz 24A AC
Dust and Water protection
Warranty 1 year
Safety Certifications Safety certification pending
LED’s Three LED’s – Power, Fault One, Fault Two.
Unit Weight 3.04kg US=6.7lbs
Unit dimensions 30.5×21.6×10.2 (cm) US=12″x8.5″x4″
Package dimensions 35.5x33x17.8 (cm) US=14″x13″x7″
Package shipping weight 3.9 kg US=8.5lbs
  • Automated Power Switching Between Dryer and EV Power Sockets
  • Full Color Display Screen and LED Status Lights
  • Real-time Voltage, Current, Temperature, kWh and Status Indicators
  • Integrated 25A Circuit Breaker with Easy Reset for Added Protection
  • Supports Standard 30amp Dryer Circuits (Maximum 24amp NEC Safe Charging Rate)
  • Compatible with Common Third-Party Electric Vehicles and Chargers
  • Supports Common Household NEMA Plug Types (10-30)
  • Integrated Wall-Mount Screw Holes and 4ft. (1m) Pigtail Plug for Easy Installation.
  • Safety Certifications: In Process (This product has not yet received UL / CE certifications.)


SPLITVOLT SPS 01-011 represents a new product category, called an EV Splitter Switch, that shares your existing 240v dryer socket to intelligently provide full power on-demand to either your dryer or your EV charger / vehicle. Interfaces include a NEMA 10-30 male plug and two NEMA 10-30 female sockets–one for your dryer and the other for your EV. It delivers power to charge your car 7x faster, without requiring the cost, complexity, or time of having an electrician install a new power circuit. Just plug it in, and Splitvolt seamlessly switches power on demand between your dryer and your EV, without user intervention. It displays real-time power usage information on an easy-to-read color screen and includes an internal circuit breaker for redundant power protection. It supports optional wall-mount for convenient access. Splitvolt utilizes standard household NEMA 10-30 sockets and is compatible with common EVs from automakers including Tesla, Volkswagen, Honda, Audi, Nissan, GM, Chevy, Ford, and Volvo. Splitvolt is also compatible with mainstream third-party chargers sold in North America, such as Clipper Creek, Besen, as well as with our high-performance chargers, extension cables, and adapters.



  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 automatically switches power between your dryer and your EV charger without requiring any user intervention.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 saves you thousands of dollars in electricians fees by letting you charge your EV from your existing 30 Amp dryer socket.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 provides the fastest possible charging on a 30 Amp circuit.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 utilizes your existing home wiring and power panel breaker protection without requiring any changes by an electrician.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars by utilizing your existing dryer plug without the time, cost or risk of electrical modifications to your home.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 is the perfect companion to your 30 Amp dryer circuit because 24 Amps is the maximum continuous load that this circuit can handle according to the National Electrical Code (NEC) safety guidelines.
  • The 24 Amp charger operates within the NEC safety guidelines by deliving the maimum 24 Amp continuous charging rate for a standard 30 Amp circuit.
  • 24 Amps is enough power to allow even large EV’s with high battery capacity to charge from empty to full overnight.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 is designed for indoor operation, but is robust and well protected from dust and moisture.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 includes an internal circuit breaker for added current protection and peace of mind.
  • Splitvolt SPS 01-011 monitors a wide range of status and fault conditions using its color display and LED status indicators.


Wall Plug Pigtail Connector NEMA 10-30 Male
Dryer Socket Connection (A) NEMA 10-30 Female
EV Socket Connection (B) NEMA 10-30 Female
Maximum Load 240V ~60Hz 24A AC
Dust and Water protection
Warranty 1 year
Safety Certifications Safety certification pending
LED’s Three LED’s – Power, Fault One, Fault Two.
Unit Weight 3.04kg US=6.7lbs
Unit dimensions 30.5×21.6×10.2 (cm) US=12″x8.5″x4″
Package dimensions 35.5x33x17.8 (cm) US=14″x13″x7″
Package shipping weight 3.9 kg US=8.5lbs

User Guide

Download official and complete Splitvolt User Guides here.

The information below is the text-only quick reference from the user guide. For tables, images, and additional information, view the PDF file using the link above.

Splitvolt™ Splitter Switch™QuickStart User Guide

Models: SPS 01-011, SPS 02-022, SPS 01-031, SPS 02-032

Thank you for choosing the Splitvolt™ Splitter Switch™! Charging your electric vehicle (EV) just got easier! Share and automatically switch full power between your EV charger and clothes dryer using your existing, standard dryer wall socket. Avoid the cost, complexity and time of having an electrician install a dedicated circuit, and instead utilize your existing home wiring with Splitvolt. This new category of product saves you thousands of dollars in rewiring costs. Just plug it in, and Splitvolt monitors, displays, and switches full 24-amp power on-demand between attached devices, providing the fastest possible safe charging on a standard 30-amp circuit, at a fraction of the cost of installing a new, dedicated circuit in your home.

Please read the full manual before use.

Contact information

Splitvolt, Inc.
3250 Victor Street, Unit B
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Pick the right model based on your wall socket, dryer plug, and EV socket type according to the table in “Additional Images”. You can reference the socket-type images in the diagram to determine which type you have.

Features and capabilities

  • Automated power switching between dryer and EV power sockets
  • Full-color display screen and LED status lights
  • Real-time voltage, current, temperature, kWh, and status indicators
  • Integrated 25-amp circuit breaker with easy reset for added protection
  • Supports standard 30-amp dryer circuits (maximum 24-amp NEC safe charging rate)
  • Compatible with common 3rd-party electric vehicles and chargers
  • Supports common household dryer (10-30 and 14-30) and charger (10-30, 14-30, and 14-50) plug types
  • The NEMA 14-50 plug is for convenient access to common charger plugs; the maximum safe charging rate on the socket is 24 amps
  • Integrated wall-mount screw holes and 3 ft (1 m) pigtail plug for easy installation
  • UL/CE safety certifications: in process, not yet received

Get to know your Splitvolt Splitter Switch

  • Circuit breaker with on/off positions
  • 3-line LCD display
  • Present power use in Watts
  • Total power used over time in kWh
  • Voltage and current in amperes (amps)

To reset statistics over time, press and hold the flat reset button on the right side of the screen for 5 seconds

  • LED indicator: ON indicates EV charger (EVSE) has power
  • Left outlet: for electrical appliance (dryer)
  • Right outlet: for EV charger

Quick start

  1. Plug the SPS into the wall outlet
  2. Plug the dryer into the left outlet of the SPS
  3. Plug the EV charger into the right outlet of the SPS
  4. Set current to 24 amps on either your EV charger or vehicle
  5. Switch the circuit breaker to the ON position

Optional wall mount

  1. Position the SPS so that the plug reaches the wall outlet
  2. Mark screw holes
  3. Unplug the SPS
  4. Use 5/16” or 8 mm drill bit to create drill holes
  5. Push the supplied 5/16” x 1.5” (8 mm x 38 mm) anchors into the drill holes
  6. Secure the SPS into anchors with supplied screws


By using this product, you acknowledge that it is an early-release version that has not yet received UL/CE safety certifications. If you prefer not to use an uncertified product, please contact us directly to return the product unused, undamaged and in its original packaging for a refund.

This product is intended for indoor use and must be protected from moisture and the elements to maintain safety, durability and operation.

This product is designed to operate at a maximum continuous charging rate of 24 amps on a standard household 30-amp circuit, according to the National Electrical Code (NEC). Exceeding this rate can lead to damage or risk of fire.

Set your EV charger or EV to a maximum charge rate of 24 amps.

1-year limited warranty

Splitvolt, Inc warrants that this product shall be free from defects in material, workmanship and assembly, under normal use, in accordance with the specifications and warnings, for a period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover damages as a result of an accident; resulting from the use or misuse of parts not manufactured or sold by Splitvolt, Inc; or resulting from modification of the Splitvolt Splitter Switch.

These warranties extend only to the original purchaser of the product and are not transferable. To exercise your rights under this warranty, you must provide proof of purchase in the form of an original sales receipt that shows the product name and the date of purchase. These warranties apply only to natural purchasers of Splitvolt Splitter Switch for personal, family, or household use, not to commercial, institutional, or industrial purchasers. These warranties are valid only in the United States. In no event shall Splitvolt, Inc. be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or multiple damages arising out of the use of the Splitvolt Splitter Switch devices.


Please download the full user guide

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