Nissan’s Leaf EV in Deal with Uber for London

Uber to be Emission-Free in London by 2025

Nissan Leaf EV in deal with Uber for London! Nissan has just signed a deal with Nissan to help their drivers buy a new Nissan Leaf to use with the ride-share service. The deal is part of Uber’s push to go emission-free in the UK capital by 2020.

Jamie Heywood, who is Uber’s regional general manager for the UK, northern and eastern Europe said. “Uber drivers will be the early adopters of electric vehicles. You pay a slightly higher price up front but have lower running costs”

2000 New Leaf’s to be Manufactured at Nissans Sunderland plant

As part of this announcement, Nissans Sunderland plant has sealed a deal to make 2,000 new electric cars for Uber.  The Wearside plant, which employs more than 6,000 people, manufactures the electric Leaf model, which can travel 168 miles on a single charge.

Uber Clean Air Plan

In January 2019, Uber launched its ‘Clean Air Plan’ aimed at tackling pollution in London. The plan levies a 15p fee on all London journey, and so far, has raised over £80m – money that Uber uses to reduce the costs to drivers who move to EVs such as the Nissan Leaf. Uber said, and it expects to pull in £200 million in total over the next few years. The plan has meant a 350% increase in rides being taken with electric vehicles since the clean air charge was introduced.

Uber’s Jamie Heywood added: “Our bold vision for London is for every driver on the Uber app to use an all-electric vehicle by 2025. The partnership with Nissan is a hugely significant step towards meeting this goal. The Mayor of London has shown strong leadership on measures relating to air quality and we’re proud to support him in delivering his vision.”

Difficult Relationship Between Uber and the City of London

The deal with Nissan arrives at a difficult time for the company, which faces being blocked in the U.K.’s capital after Transport for London stripped it of its license. Uber has since appealed the move and can continue operating in the city while it fights the ban in the courts.

Uber’s vehicle of choice, the Nissan Leaf, is among the best-selling electric cars with over 450,000 sales. It’s unclear what discount will be provided to drivers and Uber hasn’t disclosed any of the financial details of its deal with Nissan. In the UK, the Leaf comes at a starting price of £26,345, and attracts government grants of up to £3,500 for plug-in cars.

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