Welcome to our gallery of Level 2 EV Home Chargers!

Our gallery of level 2 EV home chargers is below. Electric vehicle chargers come in all shapes, sizes and capacities! Below is a gallery of chargers—a cross-section of those available from some of the most well-known manufacturers.  These are all 240v Level 2 chargers, so each connects to an EV using a standard J1772 interface. Where they differ, is in how they connect to the electricity supply of your house. Because of this, some EV home chargers need to be hardwired to the supply, whereas others can simply connect using the standard ‘dryer plug’ socket. If you have a dryer plug in your garage you are in luck! This will allow you to simply purchase any of the level 2 EV home chargers that connect direct to this socket. Then you can just unplug your dryer and plug-in your EV for its daily top up.

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